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 We invite you to enjoy a unique journey.
with a view to offers in the visitors of island different commemorative gifts and unique objects from glass, bronze, sand and clay  that will decorate  each corner of your house. 
In our shop each piece is crafted by hand and this  makes each piece  unique and separate.

We travel with colours and imagination in a magical world that time captured  in our minds when we were children.
Το Rοdι (Pomegranate) offers a collection of The dreams we had as children to life in, an oasis Tzovairia Ploumidia for you and your friends and your children.

In a collection of the finest straw hats of the island, handbags and wallets in perfect combination with sandals and slippers
all crafted by hand with SWAROVSKI lace.
, Silk Scarves in blinding colors always bearing in mind the white mansion white caftan - Shirts.

Swimwear and playful dresses, hip jewelry to fabric and imagination!
Tounik import hand of exceptional beauty.
Ceramic Household Items and unparalleled beauty and taste ....Turquoise with platinum for the boat and the house .
Stripes for the holiday home , the colors of gold sand on the living room and the dining room.
Red and blue on the patio and of course with pomegranates and olive flowers on a cheerful country kitchen .
Caged lanterns hangers .... and go where do not take your mind!
Start your journey with a choice from a truly unique collection ... in Tzovairia and Ploumidia.